Canon PIXMA iX6520 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA iX6520 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA iX6520 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA iX6520 Driver Download

  • Windows
  • Mac Os X
  • Os X
  • Linux

Canon PIXMA iX6520 Driver Download for Windows


 Windows 7 32bit – Windows 7 64bit
 Windows 8 32bit – Windows 8 64bit
 Windows 8.1 32bit – Windows 8.1 64bit
 Windows 10 32bit – Windows 10 64bit

Canon PIXMA iX6520 Driver Download for Os X/ Mac Os X


 Os X
 Mac Os X


Canon PIXMA iX6520 Driver Download for Linux




Overview– The Canon Pixma iX6520 was announced in January at CES 2011 along with four other Multiple inkjets. This inkjet is targeted toward professionals in the graphics arts or similar industry who need quality printouts and photos. We have already analyzed almost all of the AIO inkjets that were announced at CES by Canon; now it’s time to acquire a hands-on look at the last one we will be reviewing, the iX6520.

The iX6520 designs in wide paper size format. The printer also designs in a variety of your ‘normal sizes’ such as 8. 5 a 11 and 4 a 6. It reaches the high-resolution of 9600 back button 2400 dpi in color and up to six-hundred x 600 dpi in black.

The Canon Pixma iX6520 uses a five ink fish tank system. The system is described in the tattoo control and exhaust section. One nice feature regarding this system is the red LED indicator feature, which will light to let you when the ink are installed correctly.

The Canon Pixma iX6520 is a wide-format inkjet printing device suitable for small offices looking to produce colorful, branded marketing materials or large spreadsheets up to 13 by 19 inches.

Unlike most inkjet printers these days and nights, the iX6520 offers few features. It has no scanning or copying support, no wireless or ethernet, connectivity, no LCD touchscreen technology, no Facts slots, and no USB ports for flash drives. Even though the printing device is linked to your Mac via USB, you can share the inkjet printer via OS X’s Computer printer Sharing preferences, but integrated networking hardware would be nice for your workplace inkjet printer.

The iX6520 was an average speed performer; in comparison to other inkjet printers, it finished smack dab in the center of the pack. It got the iX6520 about seventy two seconds to print a 10-page text document at standard quality. Producing the same photography on 13-by-19 inch photography newspaper took just about 4 minutes. Our four-page PDF FILE test took a little more than 4 minutes to print at Good quality settings on plain newspaper.

Color photographs printed on Canon’s own Pro American platinum eagle Photo Paper looked great, with plenty of fine detail in shadows and features, as well as correct colors. Printing the same image on plain newspaper, however, provided strikingly different results, with a washed out, under-saturated look, and a general pinkish-orange cast to our standard test photography.

Printed text on basic paper looked very good, though not nearly laser razor-sharp. Even tiny text was very legible.

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